Enchanted Diamonds: June 2019 (Updates below)

StoneAlgo has removed Enchanted Diamonds from our list of recommended retailers following a frenzy of complaints across the internet and from a pair of our users indicating that purchases made from the online jeweler have gone unfulfilled and communications from the company are insufficient at best.

We want to be clear that we are unable to fully verify the details of the situation within Enchanted at this time but based on all available information the online jeweler appears to be under financial pressure and is experiencing issues with their bank. Whether you have used StoneAlgo in your diamond search or not, if you have been affected by this issue please e-mail us any details you feel comfortable sharing (e.g. order information or communications from Enchanted) at management@stonealgo.com so we can prepare to help in any way possible.

We built StoneAlgo to help our users find the best diamonds at the lowest prices from the most trusted online jewelers. Unfortunately the situation at Enchanted diamonds appears to be financial in nature and has suddenly become a major concern. Our relationship with Enchanted had existed for over a year, brought on by high Google and Yelp ratings and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We will continue to investigate and share more information via this page in an update as soon as details become available.

Here’s what we know at present:

  1. We’ve received one e-mail and one chat from users who appear to be affected by Enchanted Diamonds situation. We asked both users for details on their purchase but both declined to provide further information.

  2. Enchanted Diamonds responded via text on Friday that they were working to a resolution when asked for a response on the aforementioned complaints from our users. Enchanted has not supplied further information and has been unresponsive to each subsequent request for information as of Monday June 17th.

  3. A thread has been opened up on PriceScope.com regarding this topic and there are several Yelp reviews on the issue. The reviews appear to take a negative slant beginning on 6/11/2019 with what appears to be a former employee leaving a 1 star review of the company (Yelp review).

We are following the situation and will update this post as soon as more details become available. We continue to hope that this situation is resolved for all involved over the coming days. Please send us a chat or an email if you have any further information you’d like to share or any questions you want to ask our team.

UPDATE 6/19/2019 @ 5PM EST

We wanted to make sure we provide updates as we find out more information about what is going on with Enchanted Diamonds. Here is what we know:

  1. Since our last update on Monday June 17th we have repeatedly attempted to contact Enchanted Diamonds and their CEO Joshua. Every attempt has resulted in no response.

  2. We were contacted by the CEO of Rare Carat (Ajay) to try to coordinate efforts to accelerate a resolution of this situation. Since then we have been encouraging all our users to visit this link for additional updates.

  3. There is also a helpful community of affected users that have been organizing all communication. You can reach out to them using this email address enchantedupdates@gmail.com. This link to Pricescope also has some information that may be useful: PriceScope. As always you can chat us or email us at any time.

UPDATE 6/21/2019 @ 10AM EST

The Enchanted Diamonds story was featured on the front page of the NY Daily News this morning. The article is available here: Disappearing diamond-dealer a 24-carat cad, angry customers say. Of note, Enchanted Diamonds' CEO Joshua responded to the Daily News saying that the company's debt burden was to blame and that Enchanted is in the process of filing for bankruptcy.
We will continue to update this page as news becomes available.


Devin and Jay, Co-founders @ StoneAlgo