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Like a Zillow Zestimate for your loose diamond, our price estimates help you find a great deal on the perfect stone.

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Optimize your diamond’s sparkle by leveraging our proprietary Cut Score for round diamonds and go beyond “Excellent” cut.

Visual Carat

Carat weight measures how much a diamond weighs but our visual carat tells you how big your diamond looks to the eye.

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Track the historical pricing of every diamond listed on StoneAlgo or track market prices for any color, clarity, and carat weight.

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StoneAlgo only works with the top online and local jewelers to make sure you find a great diamond from a trustworthy retailer.

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The StoneAlgo concierge team is here to help, inform, and guide you throughout your diamond shopping journey.

StoneAlgo helps even the most novice diamond hunters become functional enough to make informed and decent decisions on such an important and emotional purchase.


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Diamond Price Calculator

The most advanced diamond price calculator on the market, StoneAlgo’s diamond price calculator uses the live prices of over 1 million diamonds to accurately predict the fair price of any GIA or AGS certified diamond.

StoneAlgo Diamond Price Calculator

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See a full breakdown of your diamond’s fair price estimate, cut score, visual carat weight, and more. Simply click on any diamond in our search engine or enter any GIA certified diamond in our Diamond Check tool.

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