The smartest way to buy a diamond

Whether you're shopping online or off, our smart research tools will help you find the perfect diamond.

The Diamond Search Engine

The smart way to find your diamond

  • Diamond Price Calculator

    Diamond prices change daily so we created a diamond price calculator that determines the fair price for any stone based on the live market prices available from top online jewelers.

  • Diamond Search Engine

    Our diamond search engine sifts through over 400,000 diamonds daily from top online jewelers including Blue Nile, Do Amore, Ritani and Whiteflash.

  • Diamond Comparison Report

    Compare up to four diamonds based on price and quality to see which our algorithm ranks as the top pick.

  • Diamond Price & Quality Check

    Run any diamond (online or from your local jeweler) through our price & quality check to identify problematic inclusions and see our fair price estimate.

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