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GIA Price & Quality Check

Diamond Price Chart

Use our GIA Check tool to automatically verify the Fair Price, Cut Score, and Visual Carat size of any GIA certified loose diamond. Simply enter the GIA report number (found on the diamond’s GIA Certificate) and you’ll receive custom analysis of your diamond. We’ll also run a diamond certificate check on the GIA’s website and show you all of the details on your diamond to help ensure have all of the info you need in one place.

Diamond Price Estimates

StoneAlgo’s Fair Price estimates are the most advanced in the diamond industry, providing shoppers with more confidence and a better understanding of any GIA certified diamond’s fair value.

Diamond Deal Ratings

We rate every diamond based on its Fair Price estimate to help you better understand if it’s truly a great deal. StoneAlgo indexes over 2,000,000 diamond prices daily to ensure these deal ratings are fair and accurate.

Cut Score

Available only for round diamonds, our cut score takes diamond cut grades to the next level. While the GIA, AGS, IGI, EGL, and other grading agencies each have their own unique grading systems, StoneAlgo’s cut score is an unbiased and far more precise indicator of a diamond’s light performance. Go beyond “Excellent vs. Ideal Cut diamonds” and find a nearly perfect 9.0+ Cut Score to ensure your diamond sparkles like crazy. Read more about our Diamond Cut Score.

Diamond Price Charts

StoneAlgo shows live diamond price charts for every diamond we have ever had in our database, showing the price that diamond was listed for at the jewelers we work with. If we haven’t seen the diamond, we’ll show you the average price of similar diamonds we’ve tracked in our database historically.

Diamond Price Alerts

Never miss a diamond price change with our custom price alerts. Simply click on the bell icon or the diamond price chart to set a diamond price alert and we’ll e-mail you if the diamond drops below your price point.

Add To Vault

Bookmark any diamond to add it to your vault so you can easily add notes, track prices, and manage your favorite diamonds. Easily run GIA certificate verifications from your custom Vault dashboard to see a GIA Check anytime.

Diamond Color and Fluorescence Combinations

Certain diamond color grades pair well with faint or medium fluorescence and our experts will let you know if your diamond exhibits the perfect combination of color and fluorescence grade.

Search Similar Diamonds

If we can’t find your diamond in our database our diamond search engine will automatically scan the market and generate a customized search so you can see the best prices on diamonds like yours.

Real, Expert Advice

Chat us anytime using the Ask Us button and we’ll give you personalized diamond buying advice to make sure you find the perfect GIA certified diamond at a fair price. We can assist you with a GIA certificate lookup if you’re having any problems or answer crazy specific diamond questions.