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Use StoneAlgo's proprietary search filters like cut quality and savings to find the perfect diamond.

Match Rating (Algo)
Match Rating is one of our 3 proprietary search filters. It's how we rank your personal recommendations and you can think of it as a combination of quality and value.
Shape is a very personal decision and we recommend consulting your significant other about their preferences on shape and setting style. Round is the most popular shape, but also the most expensive. When choosing a fancy shape we typically recommend sticking to VS2 clarity or higher since imperfections can be more easily seen through the larger flat surface on top.






Cut Quality (Algo)
StoneAlgo ranks the Cut Quality of every diamond using our proprietary algorithms to pinpoint the best of the best. Read About Cut Score
Savings (Algo)
Savings shows how much you're saving compared to diamonds of the same cut quality, carat size, color, clarity, and shape that are currently available online. We borrow techniques from value investing to help evaluate if the diamond is a good purchase.
Budget is the amount you plan to spend on the center stone diamond (not including the setting or sidestones which are usually calculated as part of the setting cost). We recommend you set your minimum budget at $0 and your maximum budget a little above your target spend level. Learn More
Carat measures the weight of a diamond and is typically used to describe a diamond's size (though surface area is a more relevant measure of visual appearance for size). Diamond pricing is often discussed in terms of "price per carat" because, as the carat gets larger, the price per carat also increases. For this reason, a 1 carat diamond will cost much more than two 0.5 carat diamonds. You can see how large a diamond will appear by clicking on one of the small, hand images within each diamond card. Learn More
Color is considered a matter of preference, not quality. Color grades D - F are considered colorless and are the most expensive/rare. Colors G - J are "near colorless" and will appear colorless to the untrained eye in most situations. Colors K - M are "faint colored". Learn More
Clarity measures the visual appearance of tiny imperfections in the diamond. Most people buy SI1 ("slightly included") or VS2 ("very slightly included") for an engagement ring diamond. The highest grade we show is IF because there are so few flawless (FL) diamonds on the market. Learn More
Cut is the most important of the 4 C's which is why we pre-filter all of our diamonds so that our users don't compromise on cut quality. Raw diamonds may be a commodity, but diamond cutting is an art. We only show GIA Excellent/AGS Ideal cut round diamonds. The GIA does not currently grade fancy shape diamonds based on cut. Our cut score takes cut evaluation to the next level, 7.0+ on round is considered GIA Excellent or better. Learn More
Good Very Good Excellent/Ideal
L/W Ratio
Length to Width Ratio defines how well proportioned a diamond is by dividing the longest width of the diamond by the shortest width. A ratio of 1.00 would be a perfect circle or square depending on the cut.
Our Jewelers
We only work with the top jewelers in the industry (no sketchy jewelers here). Each of our jewelers provides exceptional customer service and focuses on high quality diamonds at fair prices. Enjoy 30+ Day Returns, Free Shipping, Free Upgrades, and other perks by shopping with our selected jewelers.
Some diamonds have a fluorescent property which makes the diamond glow when placed under a black light. For details on which fluorescence pairs best with which color grade check out our Fluorescence Guide. Read Our Fluorescence Guide
Medium Faint None
Diamond polish is graded based on the appearance of nicks or abrasions (or lack thereof) on the surface of a diamond left there during the polishing stage of the diamond's production. We only show Excellent polish quality diamonds as part of our commitment to quality.
Good Very Good Excellent
Symmetry is just that, a measure of how symmetrical the diamond is. We only show diamonds with Excellent symmetry as part of our commitment to quality.
Good Very Good Excellent
Depth %
Depth is a measure of how deep the diamond is as a percentage of its max width.
Table %
Table is a measure of the the flat portion on the very top of a diamond as a percentage of its max width.

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