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January 28th 2022

The StoneAlgo Buying Guide

By Devin Jones

How to get the most out of StoneAlgo’s cutting edge search and comparison tools.

The StoneAlgo Buying Guide

We started StoneAlgo to help average diamond buyers make above average purchasing decisions. We designed every aspect of StoneAlgo to solve the real issues buyers face when trying to find the perfect diamond without overspending. Here is our advice for getting the most out of StoneAlgo’s cutting edge search and comparison tools, and finding the perfect diamond.

Price & Analyze Any GIA Diamond

Many people find StoneAlgo mid-way through their diamond search, having already considered dozens and even hundreds of diamonds online or at their local jeweler. If you’ve already found one or more GIA certified diamonds that you are considering purchasing, our diamond check tool will help you pick out the winner. This feature allows you to get a Price Estimate and Cut Quality Score for any GIA certified diamond by entering the GIA ID. Our search algorithm will also use your diamonds’ credentials to identify the best recommendations from our network of online jewelers. This tool is also a great way to get unbiased details for a diamond on your mobile device in real time while you’re at the local jeweler.

Scan the Online Diamond Market

Maybe you haven’t found a diamond that interests you yet or maybe you want to quickly see how the prices you’ve seen at the jeweler stack up against the best available options from all 1.1 million diamonds in the StoneAlgo database. Either way, the Diamond Search Engine is your best bet. The search page is the hub of the StoneAlgo interface. From here you can filter your search and see cut quality scores, savings percentages, and images of the best diamonds available from StoneAlgo's online retailers. Within each card are links to see more information on a given diamond, see the diamond’s details page, or favorite a diamond so you can track it over time. The search bar at the top of the page allows you to search for any GIA ID in our database and quickly find its diamond details page. To run the best diamond search we recommend setting a minimum color, clarity, and carat size, while setting a maximum budget like the image below.

Track Price Trends

StoneAlgo Diamond Price Chart

Most people don’t realize that diamond prices are constantly changing. That’s not a generalization, we mean within a specific diamond the price is constantly moving up or down along with the market’s supply/demand imbalances. One of the most useful features StoneAlgo offers is the price charting tool available on every diamond’s Diamond Details Page. This page also shows enlarged images and a full custom write up on every one of our over 1 million diamonds.

Run The Perfect Diamond Search (Without The Hassle)

Knowing exactly how to set your search parameters can be a bit tricky. Let’s say you are searching for the best available round diamond for a $10,000 budget – what should you filter for? If you leave all the filters open you’ll end up seeing some really small diamonds, some over budget diamonds, and some diamonds that have lower color or clarity. This is where our Algorithmic Search comes into play. To run an Algo Search, simply click the Search button on the homepage and you’ll walkthrough a simplified 3-Step search process that will help you find the perfect diamond for your budget and specifications.

Study Up On Your 4 C’s

Two diamonds can have the same color, cut, clarity, and carat size but look totally different. Why? Because these factors are not as cut and dry as they may seem. For example, two excellent cut diamonds may be very different, with one being near perfection and the other bordering on a very good cut grade (this is why we created the Cut Quality Score). Two diamonds of identical carat weight may look very different in size based on their dimensions (the deeper the diamond, the smaller it will look for a given carat size). Meanwhile, other factors are less noticeable like the difference between an I and an H color or a VS2 and VVS1 clarity grade. To understand what you should care about and what you shouldn’t, make sure to read up on our Learning Section. You can even search by terms like “J color” and read our analysis on specific criteria.

Get Some Personal Advice

StoneAlgo's Chat Advice

You’ve done it. You found the perfect diamond at a great price. But wait, will that inclusion really be eye clean? If you ever have questions that need answering, our team is here to help. Use the Intercom Chat Bubble in the bottom right of each page (on both desktop and mobile) to reach out to us (both of the co-founders prefer responding to Intercom messages over sleep) and ask questions throughout your search. Our goal is to help you make the best purchase possible and we’re happy to chat or hop on a call to aid in your search.

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