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Meet StoneAlgo

StoneAlgo began with a simple mission: bring transparency to diamond shopping. Today, we're the largest diamond marketplace in the world with 2,306,117 diamonds from top-rated jewelers like Blue Nile, Adiamor, With Clarity and more.

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Visual Carat Weight
Know Your Visual Appearance

We've created the Visual Carat weight metric to describe how large a diamond actually appears when viewed from above. The visual carat is calculated by measuring a diamond’s surface area and comparing this measurement to the expected surface area for different carat sizes of the same diamond shape.

What is not always made clear is that carat (the most common measure for 'size' when it comes to diamonds) is not a measure of surface area but rather a measure of weight.

While it may seem like we are recommending that you find the lowest depth percentage diamonds, this is definitely not the case. A diamond’s dimensions need to be balanced in order for the stone to display optimal light performance. For round diamonds we calculate this using our cut score and for fancy shapes there are general rules of thumb that can be used. If a diamond is too shallow, the diamond won’t return light properly and we’d recommend against buying the diamond even if it appears much larger than its actual carat size.

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