Details On Our Brian Gavin Review

To come up with our aggregate rating for each of our jewelers we scan through reviews from the most important sites to make sure we get a fair and balanced opinion. We also read through professional reviews to see what the experts have to say.

Brian Gavin Diamonds is one of the few online jewelers who specializes in cutting the in house diamonds they sell, using patented processes that produce incredibly high cut quality. The majority of Brian Gavin’s reviews come from Trustpilot and iVouch, where Brian Gavin boasts a rating of 4.85 and 4.9 out of 5 respectively. Google and Yelp round out the review sites we look at, but neither has a significant number of reviews for Brian Gavin Diamonds – however, the reviews that do appear on these sites are generally very favorable, averaging above 4.9 out of 5.

For professional review sites, we looked at the review done by as well as a few other professional sites. rated Brian Gavin a 4.33 out of 5 stars and focused on the superior cut quality of Brian Gavin’s super ideal cut diamonds.

After weighing all of the reviews we give Brian Gavin Diamonds an overall rating of 4.73 out of 5 points. This is a very high rating and we noticed that most of the favorable reviews cite Brian Gavin’s superior craftsmanship and the more personal experience they received due to the smaller size of Brian Gavin Diamonds as compared to some of the larger online jewelers.

When it comes to finding the perfect diamond from the top online jewelers, we offer some great tools to help you sift through the noise. StoneAlgo only shows diamonds with real HD images from the top sites and includes light performance images when available. You can also see our custom ratings like match rating, cut quality, and savings – showing you how underpriced a diamond is compared to similar diamonds.

You can even track the price of any specific diamond over time to see if the dealer has been lowering the price, or if it’s a new diamond that just hit the market. You can even search for diamonds you’ve found elsewhere using nothing but a GIA number to see if one of the top online jewelers carries it for less. We also provide custom write-ups on over 500,000 diamonds so you know exactly what you’re buying. If it’s a diamond you want to buy, simply head over to the retailer and complete your transaction on their site.

The best Brian Gavin feature you didn't know existed

Best Brian Gavin feature

It’s no secret in the jeweler community that Brian Gavin’s diamonds have some of the highest cut quality in the industry. In fact, Brian Gavin consistently ranks in the top 10% of all GIA excellent cut diamonds based on our StoneAlgo cut score (note: BG diamonds are graded by the AGS due to its more stringent cut quality grading system). However, with high quality comes a slightly more expensive price tag. This is why I think Brian Gavin Blue is such a great offering. Brian Gavin Blue is a line of diamonds that Brian has hand selected as the best diamonds that exhibit medium or strong blue fluorescence. Fluorescence is a luminous property that appears in about 30% of diamonds when viewed under UV light.

These diamonds typically sell at significant discount versus non-fluorescent diamonds. Brian Gavin chooses the best of these diamonds in order to pass along savings while providing buyers with the same incredible cut quality you expect from a Brian Gavin diamond. Fluorescent diamonds sell at a discount, but fluorescence can actually help make diamonds look whiter than their color grade would otherwise appear. For this reason, buyers should especially consider fluorescence when buying diamonds in the I – K range.