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Parcel & Stone Review

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Parcel & Stone
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By Devin Jones, StoneAlgo Cofounder

Parcel & Stone Review

Parcel & Stone is a relatively new online jeweler that is already making a splash amongst their more established peers. Launched in 2017, Parcel & Stone is a Blackstone Portfolio Company which means they have all the resources, credibility, and business savvy you should look for in an online jeweler.

Why does business savvy matter? Well for one thing, that lifetime warranty and free lifetime upgrade program that most online jewelers offer today doesn't mean much if they're out of business 20 years down the road. For another, Parcel & Stone is taking a more modern approach to the customer service and policies they offer, not to mention their intuitive site design and online shopping experience as a whole. We’d compare them to a James Allen more so than a Blue Nile, albeit without the massive marketing budget. Still, Parcel & Stone offers a huge selection of loose diamonds and all of the features you’d expect from a top online jeweler.

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Parcel & Stone Overview & Ratings

Pricing: 4.5/5

Price is one of the most important factors in deciding where to purchase your diamond (or any other product for that matter). Now, the cheapest option isn’t always the right option, or as my grandma would say, “you get what you pay for”. Parcel & Stone’s pricing is among the lowest in the industry, consistently on par with the lowest priced retailers we work with (such as Blue Nile, and Ritani) which means they are one of the lowest priced online jewelers, period.

Not only is Parcel & Stone one of the least expensive online jewelers in the market, they have some of the best perks and policies to go along with their beautiful and expansive collection of diamonds (we’ll get to these perks a little later on). You really do get what you pay for, and with Parcel & Stone that means a great looking diamond, at a low price, with top tier customer service for years to come.

Diamond Selection: 4/5

Parcel & Stone is one of the leaders when it comes to the breadth of their selection and the quality of the imagery they provide. Our favorite aspect of the Parcel & Stone shopping experience is their massive selection of HD images and high quality videos. There are a select few online jewelers who actually make buying a diamond online easier than buying a diamond in person thanks to their high quality videos and images. Parcel & Stone is one of those brands.

Take this diamond for instance, an eye clean SI1 that has some inclusions, including dark inclusions, that are far enough off the center table that they can easily be covered by a prong and thus won’t affect the diamonds appearance. Eye clean SI1’s are tough to judge, both online and in person, but HD images and videos shot at a high magnification make the decision easier.

We would note that sometimes HD images and videos can be TOO much of a good thing, and just because an inclusion is obvious under 40x magnification doesn’t mean it will be obvious to the naked eye. Regardless, we like to know what we’re buying and Parcel & Stone is one of the top brands in that regard.

Engagement Ring Selection: 4/5

Parcel & Stone offers a wide range of engagement ring settings both from their house branded “P&S Designs” (for classic, affordable designs) and from a selection of designers including Michael M (perfect for high end engagement ring settings), Simon G (great for more unique designs), and Verragio (known for mixing metal colors and intricate detail).

Our favorite design for the price point is this classic pavé basket setting for under $1,000 USD. A subtle but really nice touch is the lack of any visible branding on their engagement rings. We confirmed with Parcel & Stone that this is how their engagement rings appear in real life. If you are looking for an unbranded engagement ring setting, we highly recommend considering the P&S Designs collection as most online jewelers put their stamp on the interior of the engagement ring band.

Beyond the prepackaged designs, Parcel & Stone also offers custom engagement ring settings. We’ll let this review taken from The Knot do the talking:

"Then we were able to create the perfect band, from scratch. It started with more detailed talks. Those discussions turned into ideas and the ideas turned into CAD's which for anyone who doesn't know are Computer Aided Designs. This was the perfect way to design the perfect band without buying different bands, waiting to hit the jackpot in style. Widths, depths, sizes and the way the ring held the diamonds was just perfect. I was able to design and see it all before it went into production.” – Jay H

Parcel and Stone Pave Setting

User Experience: 4.5/5

Parcel & Stone's overall web design boasts one of the best user experiences on the market. It’s actually very similar to James Allen’s interface: simple, visual, and intuitive to use. The core of the site is the diamond search page which is one of the cleanest and most user friendly we’ve ever used. The page highlights Parcel & Stone's treasure trove of 40x magnified diamond images to help users quickly identify which diamonds have glaring inclusions without wasting time clicking into each diamond’s details page. Overall the layout is pretty similar to StoneAlgo’s own search page, which may be why we love using it so much.

One key feature we should mention is Parcel & Stone’s comparison tool. By clicking the double box icon in the top left of each diamond image on the search page, users can add diamonds to a comparison tab that is accessed right above the search results. This offers a more detailed view of the diamonds’ specifications stacked side by side so you can quickly evaluate the diamonds on a relative basis. This is a great way to tackle the final stages of the diamond buying process but is also valuable in the early stages as you begin to research and understand which specs are most (and least) important.

Parcel and Stone Search Page

The Policies & Warranties: 5/5

60 Day Engagement Ring Try On (and Free Returns within 30 Days)

As you’d expect from a modern online jeweler (did we mention they were founded in 2017?), Parcel & Stone has best of breed policies to back their amazing selection of high quality diamonds. Where they truly stand above the rest is with their 60 day exchange policy – if you don’t love it for any reason simply exchange the diamond or engagement ring within 60 days. If you want to return the ring for a full money back exchange, you’ll need to do so within 30 days. Most top online jewelers offer 30 day returns, but 60 days is practically unheard of.

110% Upgrade Policy

This is another area where Parcel & Stone is clearly distancing itself from the competition. Most online jewelers offer a free lifetime upgrade policy, meaning that you can upgrade the diamond to a more expensive stone in the future and the jeweler will credit you the price of the original diamond if you exchange it for the new stone. So if you bought a $2,000 diamond today and wanted to upgrade to a $10,000 diamond down the road, most online jewelers would charge you $8,000 if you send in the original diamond in exchange for the new one. Not Parcel & Stone. They offer you 110% of the original price if you originally purchased on their site and are upgrading more than 1 year after your initial purchase. This is a pretty solid perk since many people decide to upgrade the engagement diamond as a 10th or 20th wedding anniversary gift to their spouse.

Parcel and Stone Warranty

Free Lifetime Warranty

Parcel & Stone offers a complimentary lifetime warranty that includes cleaning and tightening of their engagement rings, and replacement of small accent and side stones (not caused by damage). Like most warranties, this does not cover loss, damage, or theft of their diamonds and engagement rings. For insurance coverage they recommend Jewelers Mutual, the leader in jewelry insurance for over 100 years.

Price Matching

If you find the same diamond with the exact quality and specifications in the United States at a lower price, Parcel & Stone will match the price. Furthermore, they’ll give you the difference in price towards merchandise on their site. The fact that Parcel & Stone will not only match the price but pay you the difference as a credit toward their other merchandise is above and beyond what we’ve seen from other top online jewelers. Just another example of how this young brand is offering modern perks to the online experience.

Free Express Shipping (no minimum)

This company is so invested in making sure their parcel’s make it to your door that they put it in their name. Literally. Regardless of the total amount spent, Parcel & Stone provides free express shipping on every product they offer including loose diamonds and engagement ring settings. All shipping is fully ensured so shoppers have peace of mind that their orders are safe and secure. A note for international shoppers shipping to a destination outside the US: you are responsible for any country-specific fees, taxes, and surcharges on these orders. Pretty standard, but worth a note.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We already noted this under their 60 Day Engagement Ring Try On, but Parcel & Stone provides a 60 day period for exchanges and 30 days for a full money back guarantee.

Free Engraving

Parcel & Stone offers free engraving on all of its fine jewelry so you can personalize your purchase with the date you plan to propose, your significant others name or future initials, or another significant detail you want to remember.

Free Appraisals

Parcel & Stone offers free appraisals of all their diamonds and engagement rings to help you quickly and easily apply for jewelry insurance through a third party like Jewelers Mutual. It’s a nice way of tying up the big purchase.

The Final Verdict

Focused on a visual shopping experience, low prices, and top tier policies & warranties, Parcel & Stone is one of only a handful of online jewelers we’d consider when purchasing an engagement ring or loose diamond online and our favorite new online jeweler. The site has a massive selection of loose diamonds, enough engagement ring styles and price points for any shopper, and goes above and beyond the average policies & warranties. But all of this wouldn’t matter if they didn’t also offer some of the best pricing available anywhere and price matching to help provide peace of mind that you’re getting the best deal on your diamond.