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January 27th 2022

Diamond Color Grade Guide (With GIA Color Scale)

By Devin Jones

What is Diamond Color?

Diamond color is graded on a scale from D to Z, with D being the whitest (and thus the most desirable and expensive) color of diamond. Each grade going up from D indicates slightly greater appearance of color (usually yellow or brown) in the stone.

diamond color grade chart

However, below a certain point the human eye can't tell the difference. For example, the average person can't tell the difference between a perfectly white D color stone and a less perfect version like a G color unless they are sitting side-by-side in a controlled environment. The point at which people begin to notice a tinge of yellow is typically around the J/K color grade. That's why we typically advise K as the lowest color grade worth considering for a diamond engagement ring. Here’s the color scale as it appears on

Most jewelers recommend a near colorless diamond for an engagement ring or other jewelry purchase.

Diamond Color Grade Comparison

Below we have a comparison of 1 carat diamonds in every color grade from D - K. All of these diamonds are VS1 clarity, GIA Excellent cut/symmetry/polish, and none fluorescence. We also opted for diamonds with high diamond cut scores (our internal metric for light performance). You can filter by cut score for round diamonds in StoneAlgo's Diamond Search Engine

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Can you tell the difference between these color grades with your naked eye?

Diamond Color Grade Breakdown

D Color Diamonds

D color diamonds should always appear perfectly white with no tinge of color. D color is the highest grade a diamond can receive from the GIA, AGS, and other grading agencies. The GIA’s color grading scale starts at D in order to differentiate from other, older grading agencies who used letters A – C or numerals to represent color grades. D color diamonds don’t benefit from fluorescence like lower color grades can because they are already perfectly white.

E Color Diamonds

E color diamonds are grouped together with D and F color as the “colorless” range of diamonds by the GIA. E color diamonds should look totally white, but they do possess some slight tinge of color that separates them from the D color diamonds.

F Color Diamonds

F color diamonds are considered colorless diamonds by the GIA and are nearly indistinguishable from D and E color diamonds to the naked eye.

G Color Diamonds

G color diamonds are the highest color grade in the “near colorless” range of diamonds, but most people can’t tell the difference between a G color diamond and a colorless diamond. It’s also worth noting that most jewelers recommend None, Faint, or Medium fluorescence with a G color diamond.

H Color Diamonds

H color diamonds are right in the sweet spot when it comes to maximizing appearance and value, which is why they’re one of the most popular choices for diamond buyers. I’d also note that most jewelers recommend None, Faint, or Medium fluorescence with an H color diamond.

I Color Diamonds

I color diamonds offer great value while still looking nice and white to the naked eye in any color of setting. Most jewelers recommend you consider faint or medium fluorescence with I color diamonds if you want to get even more value, and a little fluorescence can actually help these diamonds appear whiter.

J Color Diamonds

J color diamonds are the best value of the near colorless diamond range and will still look nice and white in any color setting. Most jewelers recommend you consider faint or medium fluorescence with a J color diamond, since some fluorescence can help a J color diamond appear even whiter.

K Color Diamonds

K color diamonds are the first step in the faintly colored class of diamonds and a favorite of buyers looking to stretch their budget. While K color diamonds can “face up white”, they typically show obvious color when viewed from the side. All diamonds appear whiter once placed in a metal setting.

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